Our Team

Our Team

Laurie Liddell

Principal Lawyer

With years of legal experience, Laurie Liddell has counselled and helped countless of clients on legal matters. Laurie’s expertise is in criminal and civil law, having represented clients in the Magistrates and County Court, as well as the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia for parenting and property matters. He also has extensive experience in property law, commercial leases, conveyancing matters, Wills and Estate law and can provide you with reliable legal advices regardless of your circumstances. 

Annabelle Xiao


Annabelle is an expert in Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Property Law, Family Law and Wills and Probate Law. Fluent in Mandarin, Annabelle recognizes the importance of cultural diversity and aims to provide clear, practical and reliable advices in all legal manners.

Tina Tran


 Tina’s focus is on Property Law and Civil Litigation. Her experience positions her as a trusted legal advisor on a range of residential and commercial transactions. Tina is also fully fluent in Vietnamese and leverages specialist experience in Wills and Estate Planning.