Our Practice Areas
Balwyn Legal Lawyers provides a range of legal services in Melbourne, including:

*criminal law
*civil litigation
*wills, probate and estate planning
*commercial law
*immigration law
*family law


Conveyancing now from $600.00.

At Balwyn Legal Lawyers, we aim to simplify and take the hassle out of moving. Our specialist conveyancing lawyers will provide you with premier legal assistance when buying, selling or re-mortgaging your property. As start-to-finish conveyancing lawyers in Melbourne, we will support you throughout the process, helping you navigate the legal processes involved.

  • Our conveyancing services include:
    Expert advice on Contracts of Sale and Section 32 (Vendor Statement)
  • Preparing Sale and Auction Contracts for commercial, industrial and residential properties
  • Advising on Owners Corporation issues
  • Preparing “Off-the-plan” contracts
  • Adverse possession claims and other property transactions.

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

When it comes to matters of inheritance, succession or estate planning, having a trusted legal partner is of the essence. Balwyn Legal Lawyers specialises in Will, Probate and Estate Planning, ensuring your wealth and assets are protected at all times. Our specialist estate solicitors are experts at minimizing the risk and dealing with large and complex assets, as well as any related legal issues that might arise. Our Wills Probate, and Estate Planning services include:
* Wills

* Power of Attorney (Financial and Medial)

* Grant of Probate

* Letters of Administration

Debt Recovery

Chasing unpaid invoices and recovering debt can be a frustrating experience, whether you're a private individual or a business owner. At Balwyn Legal Lawyers, we leverage years of specialist debt recovery the money you are owed in a speedy and efficient manner. Our expert lawyers provide debt recovery and related services, including: * Letters of demand

* Negotiation settlements

* Preparing claims and enforcing judgements

* Preparing statutory demands

* Bankruptcy and winding up

Commercial Law

Balwyn Legal Lawyers is amongst Melbourne’s most trusted commercial law firms, specializing in all areas of Corporate Law. Our lawyers bring years of experience to the table to support and assist you in all matters of Commercial Law, including ensuring compliance, providing legal support related to acquisitions, mergers and business sales, specialist franchising legal services, and more. Our commercial lawyers can help with:

  •  Business Sales and Purchases;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Franchising;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Insurance;
  • Partnership Agreements and Buy or Sell Agreements;
  • Service Agreements;

Family Law

When it comes to divorce, custody, property settlements or other family matters, Balwyn Legal is a leading specialist in Family Law in Melbourne. Our family lawyers can provide you with expert legal advice on anything from pre-nuptial to custody agreements, ensuring a fair outcome and keeping you updated at every step of the process. Our Family Law legal services include

* Pre-nuptial agreements (Binding Financial Agreement)

* Custody of children

* Guardianship of children

* Child maintenance and child welfare issues

* Property settlements (the divisions and distributions of assets of the marriage or relationship)

Criminal Law

Life can take unexpected turns. As one of Melbourne's leading criminal law firms, Balwyn Legal provides specialist legal advice for all criminal matters. Finding yourself charged with a criminal offence, be it a road traffic accident, DUIs, assault, drug offences, infringement fines or more, can be a stressful experience. Our specialist Criminal lawyers will take the time to understand your circumstances and provide you with a tailored, expert legal advice. We represent clients on all criminal law matters, including:

* Traffic charges

* Drug driving

* Drink driving

* Assault charges

* Family violence

* Fraud & Theft

* Bail

Immigration Law

Navigating Australian’s immigration system can often be challenging and daunting. Balwyn Legal Lawyers is among Melbourne’s most knowledgeable immigration law firms, and provides legal assistance, guidance and support to clients looking for obtain a visa or receive immigration legal advice, related to:

  • Visitor visas
  • Studying and training visas
  • Family and partner visas
  • Working and skilled visas
  • Refugee and humanitarian visas
  • Other visas
  • Repealed visas
  • ATT appeal